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  • "We Can't Keep Australia Under the Doona" (Pisstake for Mixed Ensemble) for flute, viola, marimba, snare drum, and assorted auxiliary percussion 4'30"

  • Wandering with Prufrock for AATB saxophone quartet 4'30"


  • Thoughts Before Bed for solo flute and piano 5'-6'

  • I mean well, but I am not for a mobile treble instrument and a dancer 5'-10'

  • Three Stages of Accepting an Ugly Self-Portrait for solo piano 10'

  • Trialogue for oboe, violoncello, and vibraphone 3'

  • Diversions for solo trumpet and string quintet 9'


  • Preludes for chamber choir (SATB) 10'

  • To My Sister (Passacagalia for String Quartet) for string quartet 3'

  • Pluvial Music  for percussion trio (incl. water drum) and string trio 2'

  • Memoir of a Wanderer by the Beach at Night for solo oboe and string orchestra 8'


  • Waltz of the Girl in Tie-dye for mixed octet (oboe, clarinet in B♭, alto saxophone, bassoon, trumpet in B♭, trombone, violin, double bass) 3'

  • Room 853  for prepared piano and harp 1'55"

  • Farewell to Love for soprano, flute (doubling alto flute and bass flute), viola, piano 4'30"

  • Homage to Shostakovich for string quartet 4'

  • Passacaglia for mixed quintet (flute, clarinet in B♭, viola, violoncello, harp)3'


  • Aotearoa(rev. 2018) for orchestra 5'30"

  • Sketches for Piano for solo piano 15'
    I. Waterfall
    II. Anarchy
    III. Ethereal
    IV. Storm
    V. Autumn
    VI. Dawn

  • Museum Quartet for string quartet 5'

  • Villa Borghese (Romance) for solo violoncello, string orchestra, and harp/solo violoncello and piano 5'


  • Modern Apocalypse (Grand Prelude) for solo piano 7'30"