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Canberra International Music Festival 2021

over the last couple weeks I have had the absolute privilege to be Young Artist with the Canberra International Music Festival. what an amazing two weeks it has been...

it all started with my solo debut, giving an all-over-the-shop concert of works ranging from Soviet composers writing un-Soviet pieces to Armenian pop songs, and jazz standards to some original compositions by myself. how it ended? with a bloody finger, of course. I guess that warranted the standing ovation...

photo above and below by William Hall

and then it was full steam ahead with rehearsals and concerts! I had such a blast performing HK Gruber's Frankenstein!! A pandemonium with the larger-than-life Christine Johnston aka Madame Lark. it was pure chaos and nonsense, complete with a toy piano (thanks Milo for letting me borrow!), whirlies, slide whistles, kazoos, and god knows what else...I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT

I was lucky enough to open (as a solo!) another concert, "Waltz to Tango" - and yes, I did both the waltzes and the tangos (just not the in between). now that was super cool, playing Piazzolla with accordionist James Crabb

and the finale was extraordinary - albeit exhausting... Mahler's Das Lied von der Erde. imagine doing a Mahler symphony twice in one night! especially one all about death...

it's been just simply amazing to play with such fantastic musicians - especially those I used to watch when I was at high school. I am so grateful to Roland Peelman, director of CIMF, for giving me this opportunity. I hope it isn't the last time!

and the cherry on top was performing at the Government House, hosted by His Excellency General the Honourable David Hurley, to wrap up CIMF 2021. wow it's been a big couple weeks...

photos (excl. bottom right) by William Hall


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