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Dulcie Holland's 'Unheard' Music in Concert

Last night I finally brought to life my university project by performing the four pieces by Australian composer Dulcie Holland I had been researching!

Dulcie was a Sydney-born all-around musician: composer, pianist, cellist, and educator. Unfortunately, history has not served her as well as she deserved, with her 'serious' music overshadowed by her work as a teacher (i.e. writing childrens' music). Today, her music is recognised as a significant contribution to Australian music.

I presented four (important!) works by Dulcie, two which are published (Piano Sonata and The Scattering of Leaves) and two which are unpublished (Autumn Piece and Conversation for Piano). It was a lovely intimate concert at the Theme & Variations Piano Showroom (thanks to Ara & Nyree for letting me use that space!!) and I was grateful to have a supportive audience - which included some of Dulcie's special!

None of these pieces are digitally, publicly available on streaming services - meaning we don't really have a way to listen to them on-demand. So I'm looking forward to recording them next month for an all-Dulcie this space!!


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